Community Coordination for Safety in Relationships

Golden's Coordinated Approach

Service providers from across our community have come together to form a Community Coordination for Safety in Relationships (CCSR) committee. The purpose of the committee is to build a coordinated response to violence in relationships and sexual assault. The committee is made up of concerned service providers who believe that the issues of relationship violence and sexual assault need to be addressed in our community.

CCSR Mission:

The mission of the Golden and District CCSR committee is to maintain collaboration between agencies to generate safety in relationships through support, education, prevention and coordinated intervention for all members of Golden and area with the goal of creating a community which fosters zero tolerance towards relationship violence and sexual assault.  We will conduct ourselves ethically, compassionately and respectfully. 

CCSR Guiding Principles

Principle 1: We all have a part to play in preventing abuse. It’s everyone’s issue.
Principle 2: The use of violence is always the offender’s choice. The offender must be held accountable.
Principle 3: A victim is the expert in her/his own life; people who live with violence evaluate their risk on a continual basis.
Principle 4: Abuse is abuse regardless of class or socio-economic background. Offenders who abuse victims come from all backgrounds.
Principle 5: Regardless of their age, children are victims in all forms of family violence. The child’s well-being is integrally linked with the safety of the mother.
Principle 6: There is no excuse for domestic violence; considering addiction, anger, mental health, or substance use as a justification for domestic violence minimizes the issue at hand and oversimplifies the underlying power imbalance in the relationship.
Principle 7: We all have a responsibility to let both victims and offenders know about services available to them and how to access those services.

The CCSR Committee includes:

  • Golden Family Centre 
  • Golden Mental Health
  • Golden Pentecostal – Tabernacle Church
  • Golden Secondary School
  • Golden Youth Centre
  • Women’s Shelter
  • Probation
  • RCMP
  • RCMP Victim Services
  • St. Andrews United Church
  • Stopping the Violence Outreach
  • Ministry of Children & Family Development
  • Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
  • and other community partners

CCSR Work in the Community:

Gender-Based Analysis in our Community
In the Fall of 2012, the Golden Women’s Resource Centre hired and worked with consultant Alison Brewin to conduct a Gender-Based Analysis on the rates of violence against women and girls in our community and assumptions of community members on violence in relationships, including surveys, existing statistics, one on one interviews with women who have been affected by the issue and focus groups.
Community Plan
A Community Plan in response to Violence in Relationships, including dating violence and sexual assault has been completed with input from community members and services providers.
Interagency Case Assessment Team (ICAT)
As part of our Community Plan the CCSR team developed a sub-committee, the Golden Interagency Case Assessment Team (ICAT), to focus specifically on having an coordinated response to support women in our community who are at high risk of death or serious bodily harm at the hands of their partner.
Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault Response Tool
The CCSR team has also published a document in regards to how to respond when approached by someone who has survived relationship violence or sexual assault. This toolkit is both for professionals who work in this field as well as for the general public. A copy of the Toolkit can be found below.