Current Opportunities

Board of Directors

Are you interested in joining the Golden Women’s Centre Society’s board of directors? Below is the complete job description.  If you have any questions or would like to proceed with submitting an expression of interest, please contact the Executive Director at by June 1st, 2023. Expressions of interest will be reviewed and approved by the current board of directors at the board meeting on June 5th, then put forward for election or acclamation at the Annual General Meeting on June 28th.

Job Description for the Golden Women’s Centre Society Board of Directors

·       Determine the goals and objectives to achieve the purpose of the society.

·       Determine the activities the society should and should not engage in.

·       Approve procedures for the efficient administration of the society.

·       Review the staffing needs of the organization to ensure that the goals and objectives of the society are carried out, and approve job descriptions for all staff.

·       Approve all budget proposals, operating budgets, expenditures and funding contracts.

·       Establish salary levels for all employees.

·       Oversees hiring and training of staff and determine who will carry out that function.

·       In consultation with the ED, ensure staff are performing their function adequately.

·       Evaluate and determine if the society is accomplishing its goals and establish new policy to improve the society’s capacity to accomplish goals.

·       Be informed of liabilities and responsibilities of the society and plan to meet these liabilities and responsibilities. The directors should insure the society from liability due to the negligence of employees.

·       Inform the public of the role and performance of the society and seek input from the public.

·       Approve contracts and bind the society to perform contracts.

·       Determine levels of authority and responsibility to committees, employees, and volunteers.

·       The Board may be guided by policies originating from the members.



As per the BC Societies Act, to be eligible for a position on the Board of Directors, a person must:

·       Be a member of the Society

·       Be 18 years of age or older

·       Capable of managing their own affairs

·       Not be currently undergoing bankruptcy

·       Not convicted of fraud or corporate offense within the last five years


Requirements for the Golden Women’s Centre Society Board of Directors

·       Qualifications include: feminist perspective; non-judgmental attitude; committed to working for the advancement and equality of women; an understanding of the systemic discrimination facing women; a respect for individual experiences and diversity; a commitment to conduct themselves with honesty, integrity and fairness; and a willingness to work cooperatively and collaboratively and share responsibilities as part of the board team with staff and other volunteers.

·       Be physically present to attend the majority of board meetings on a set date/time each month.

·       Agree to sign an oath of confidentiality and consent to a criminal record check through the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General.

·       Be familiar with GWRC mission statement, policies, procedures, programs and all other information found in the Policy and Procedure Manual (P&P Manual).

·       Follow recommendations of “Minimizing the Risk of Liability” found in the P&P Manual.

·       Immediately state any conflict of interest – then abstain from voting.

·       Make sure you fully understand the issues before voting.

·       Be willing to participate on a least one committee, serve as an officer, or offer your expertise in another way (eg. as an adviser on a certain subject area, to offer workshops to our members or specific training to our staff, or to volunteer for a specific project at the Women’s Centre when needed).

·       Be active in fundraising.

·       Be responsible for keeping up with the business and activities of the GWRC and be present at events.

·       When necessary, contact the Executive Director at least one week before the monthly meeting to put items forth on the Agenda.

·       Follow CONSENSUS DECISION guidelines when making decisions.

·       When a board member speaks on behalf of the society or the Golden Women’s Resource Centre or represents the GWRC in some manner, they do so only after consultation and approval of the whole board.

·       Represent the GWRC positively in the community and on social media


As per the organization, a woman may not be eligible for a position on the Board of Directors if:

·       If there is a concern they would not be able to be physically present at most board meetings either due to personal circumstances or because they do not live in the town of Golden or surrounding area of Columbia Shuswap Area A.

·       If there is a concern their personal beliefs or behavior could negatively impact the work of the board or the security of staff, clients, volunteers, or other users of the Centre.

·       If there is concern that they would not represent the organization positively and professionally in the community.

·       They have been clients of the STV Outreach program or the Safe Homes program within the last 6 months.

·       If they are related to, or close friends of staff.

·       If there is a perception by the board that they would not be suitable board members for other reasons not stated here.

Program support worker (volunteer position with honorarium)

The Safe Homes program is currently accepting applications for Program Support Workers.  This team responds to after hours emergency calls to the Safe Home program. Volunteers are given an honorarium for their time.  We are looking for people who have a non-judgmental attitude, some understanding of the dynamic of abuse,  a reliable vehicle (including appropriate insurance coverage) and availability for on call shifts from 5 pm  to 10 am on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends. Training and support included.  Please see detailed job description below.   If you would like to join this dedicated team, please drop off a resume and cover letter to Roni Beauregard at the Women’s Centre.