On this page you will find useful resources in the categories of: Women’s Rights and Safety, Teens and Parents, Legal Services, Financial Resources, Feminism, and Men’s Resources.

Women's Rights and Safety

“If you need help” pages provide information on how to identify abuse, understand different types of abuse,  and how to create a safety plan.

Find domestic violence help, a shelter near you.  Domestic Shelters can show you the nearest safety resources and safe places near you, it also offers information, articles and guides on abuse and violence. 

Drug & have created an excellent resource surrounding Domestic Violence & Addiction.

OVISTA has information on abuse, financially leaving abusive partners, supporting your children, finding legal help, and stopping shameful feelings.

OneLove Foundation has created a vital Danger Assessment App and online resource.   Get informed about your relationship, and the relationships of those you care about. 

For Teens and Parents has amazingly frank, non-judgmental information about sex, sexuality, violence, self-image, and so much. It might be good for parents who want a place that offers accurate information to their teens (just be prepared, nothing is off-topic).

Legal Services

Internet Safety

Protect Kids Online is a website that provides parents with internet resources to help keep their kids safe.

Employer Resource

The effects of domestic violence may extend outside the home and spill over into the workplace. When they do, the safety of a workplace can be compromised. An abusive partner or family member might make harassing phone calls, stalk a victim at work, or make threats that put the victim and the workplace at risk. Employers and workers may be aware that someone in their workplace is experiencing domestic violence, but they may not have the knowledge or tools to address the situation.

The resources on this page comprise our online “tool kit” and are available to help employers understand their obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, recognize the signs of domestic violence, and take action to help keep workers and workplaces safe.