What is Third Party Reporting?

Third Party Reporting provides a means by which an adult** survivor of a sexual offence/assault may report an incident to police while remaining anonymous***. This reporting option is provided as a last resort for survivors who would not otherwise provide information about the assault to the police.

** Third Party Reporting is generally only available for survivors who are 19 years old or older. Please call or visit us for more information about reporting options for survivors under the age of 19.
***Contact with police remains your decision unless very serious circumstances warrant intervention. Such circumstances would include where there is a risk of significant harm to the health or safety of the public, an individual, or where a child is in need of protection.

How do I make a Third Party Report?

If you, or someone you know, would like to make a Third Party Report, call us. The Golden Women’s Resource Centre (GWRC) offers a safe, non-judgmental setting to discuss your reporting options including a Third Party Report.  In addition we can explore any other practical and emotional supports you may need.

The GWRC will keep your name confidential and provide the police with the information you have given about what happened.
Once police receive the Third Party Report, they will assign a police file number and enter the information you have provided into their internal database. They may also ask us to connect with you to ask if you will provide further information, or request contact with you. The GWRC will be your “bridge” to police throughout the process. 

Why Third Party Reporting?

Third Party Reporting is an invaluable tool which provides survivors with the opportunity to give information to authorities without the undue stress of worrying about being disbelieved, judged, arrested, or deported.

If you are reluctant to make a full report, but you want to share information about what happened with authorities, Third Party Reporting allows you to do so in a positive, empowering, and controlled way, so that your experience of reporting the crime is supported and honoured.